Adidas Original Nite Jogger Launch Party Video

March 7th, 2019

10PM - 2AM

Running time: 2-3 min (with 60 second social cut)




Get a sneak peak into the NYC nightlife scene at the SNS Adidas Nite Jogger Launch Party in the Meat Packing District. Hosted by Oscar 1992 and music featuring DJ Armand Van Helden.


STYLE REferences


The video opens up with an introduction to our host Oscar. He’s been in the scene and knows all there is to know. We hear from him and see a few clips of his outfit and Nite Jogger kicks.


Preliminary Interview (also used as Narration)

Warm up Questions

  • Introduce yourself

  • Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

  • What your experience was like in NYC

  • Whats the significance of 1992?

Night Life

  • Your introduction to the NYC Night Life scene?

  • Why people were drawn to it?

  • What made NYC unique compared to other cities/countries?

  • What Parts of the city did these parties happen?

  • Favorite clubs

  • How these parties were promoted and how people found out about them?

Meat Packing

  • The meat packing districts important to night clubbing and style.

  • What was unique about this area in particular?

  • What type of music was commonly played at these clubs?

  • Club Politics, bouncers, guests lists, know people, law enforcement, etc

  • What is the Meat Packing Style? (In reference to night life and fashion)


  • How the SNS store fits in and tied together with the Meat Packing

  • Your thoughts on the SNS Nite Jogger (more from a lifestyle perspective)


  • Why was Adidas your pick for Armand’s music video?

  • What is your connection to the brand?

  • How did Adidas fit in the connection to the music scene at the time?

  • How are they relevant in today’s style?

A subway train passing by followed by a few shots of the Meat Packing at night. We hear ambient sounds of the city and give the video time to breathe for a bit.


Oscar holding a microphone and giving us an introduction to what lies ahead. We get BTS a look into the venue as he shows us the space. I’ll film some fly-on-the-wall footage of some of the prep before the event. Oscar goes backstage to hang out and we interview Armand along with fellow DJ’s/personalities.


We head outside of the venue as the line forms. If the SNS store is still open, we could leave from there to tie everything in. Oscar goes down the line and begins interviewing people. We have an on camera light similar to how they filmed these in the 90’s. This section is all about capturing the Meat Packing nightlife scene. Follow Oscar along with others throughout the night.


Intervew Suggestions (In context with NYC nightlife/meatpacking)

  • What’s your name and where you from?

  • Candid interviews

  • Style/Fashion/Adidas

The party’s poppin’! Everyone’s moving, some having a drink, everyone’s having fun. We’ll get footage of the DJ’s too. We see people dancing and more interview throughout this section. This montage picks up in intensity as the music builds to a conclusion capturing moments from within the crowd.


Shot List

  • Venue Exterior

  • Club Lights Flashing

  • People Dancing (Wide and close)

  • People getting a Drink (low priority)

  • Product on Display

  • SNS Branding

Throw in a couple Fisheye angles

Throw in a couple Fisheye angles


At the end of the night after everyone’s gone, we’ll get an outro from Oscar to close it out.